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Sustainable Small Business Competition Open to Applicants

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 (Montesano, Washington) — The Washington Coast Works Business Competition is seeking applications from those with ideas and energy to create or expand a small business that strives towards a triple bottom line: profit, people and place.

Applications for this year’s competition will be due by Oct. 15. Applications and instructions can be downloaded at wacoastworks.org/apply.

Up to 15 finalists will be selected to join the growing Coast Works Alliance, participate in intensive training on sustainable entrepreneurship, receive ongoing one-on-one technical assistance, connect to mentors and present their business case statement at a fast-pitch event for a chance to win up to $10,000.

“Coast Works is designed to diversify the local economy through the development of new small businesses and build business leadership in local communities,” says Mike Skinner, Washington Coast Works administrator. “It aims to grow a constituency that supports conservation and sustainable natural resource use and ultimately contribute to a new vision of sustainable community and economic development on the Washington coast.”

To date, 45 emerging entrepreneurs have participated in the Coast Works competition with a wide range of triple bottom line business ideas including fish waste infused biochar fertilizer, wool-fiber cooperative, sustainably foraged bog Labrador tea, u-pick blueberry farm, paper-crete landscaping materials, smoked salmon, off-grid ecological learning centers, local food cooperatives, sustainable farming, bio-diesel powered stump grinding, sustainable tiny homes, and many more.

The competition shows that businesses can be profitable while caring for the places where they are based and supporting the people who work for them and their communities.

The complete calendar of events leading up to the competition is available at www.wacoastworks.org or contact Mike Skinner at (206) 235-6029.


Washington Coast Works was established by The Nature Conservancy in collaboration with the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship, the Taala Fund, and the Olympic Natural Resources Center. The program is designed to diversify the economies in Pacific, Wahkiakum, Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Clallam Counties through the development of new small businesses, build business leadership in local communities, grow a constituency that supports conservation and sustainable natural resource use, and ultimately contribute to a new vision of sustainable community and economic development on the Washington Coast.


June 27, 2017 (Port Angeles, Washington) — Winemaker and Port Angeles native Jessie Newberg is one of fifteen finalists in the 2017 Washington Coast Works Small Business Competition vying for up to $10,000 in startup financing.

Hurricane Hills Winery, established in 2016, borrows its name from the panoramic ridge that served as the backdrop of Newberg’s
childhood; the surrounding mountains of the Olympic National Park are the source of the spring water in her wines.

Newberg’s artisan wine is produced using locally harvested fruits and vegetables that result in unique blends, including Blackberry Beet, Orchard Plum, Heirloom Apple and the Blackberry
Lavender Wine that she served at the recent Sequim Lavender Festival. Working with local farmers, Newberg is able to glean produce that might otherwise go to waste because it doesn’t
meet the beauty standards for a market stand. Any award money would be used to scale up the
business and create efficiencies.

“Larger tanks and better processing equipment will allow me keep up with demand,” says Newberg, who has a waiting list for her wines. She sells online and at local farmers markets, and would eventually like to move the business out of her Port Angeles home and into a public tasting room.

Newberg has even bigger dreams. She can envision a permaculture and u-pick operation that would allow community members to participate in harvesting their own produce. “As a single
mom,” notes Newberg, “I work all the time, but can allow some flexibility to be a parent while creating the quality of life and contributing to the community I want for my family.”

“Jessie ‘s motivation and commitment to her business and her community is inspiring,” says Mike Skinner, Director of the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship and the Washington Coast
Works Administrator. “She understands the importance of preserving farmland and the value of local ag production,” adds Skinner. “Jessie exemplifies the spirit and objectives of the Coast
Works initiative and has a clear sense of how award funding could take her business to the next level.”

Finalists will present their written case statement and a five-minute “fast pitch” to a panel of independent judges in early November. Past and present Coast Works entrepreneurs, sponsors, funders, partners, and folks from the Coast Works communities will be invited to celebrate the finalists and help launch a new Coast Works Alliance.

Learn more at hurricanehillswinery.com or through the business Facebook page.

To learn about sponsorship and mentoring opportunities or how to contribute to the prize money through our crowd-funding campaign, visit www.wacoastworks.org, or contact Mike Skinner at (206) 235-6029.

Story Contacts:
Mike Skinner, Administrator, Washington Coast Works
O: 425.243-7366 | C: 206.235-6029 | E: mike.skinner@cie-nw.org

Robin Stanton, The Nature Conservancy
P: 206.436.6274 | E: rstanton@tnc.org
Jessica Newberg, Hurricane Hills Winery
P: 360.797.3493 | E: hurricanehillswinery@gmail.com

Key Bank Foundation Presents Sponsorship Check

We are very grateful for the support from our Title Sponsor, Key Bank Foundation. Key Bank’s Michael Fait (center) and Joshua King (far left) presented their check to the Coast Works team (CIE’s Mike Skinner on the far right next to Garrett Dalan of The Nature Conservancy) at our Community Conversation in Port Angeles last Saturday.